February 7-9, 2022
Day 1 and 2: Live in Philadelphia, Day 3: Online Livestream
5th Digital Strategy & Innovation forMedical Affairs Summit
Create a Digital Cultural Transformation Within Medical Affairs

DGE’s 5th Digital Strategy & Innovation for Medical Affairs Summit is the largest and most impactful industry event for transforming your medical affairs department into one that implements progressive policies and patient centricity.

As both consumers and HCPs try to adapt to life during COVID – while aiming towards a better future – the demand for detailed and accessible scientific information has never been greater. Now more than ever, your medical affairs team must upskill and stay relevant as consumers use new channels to absorb information.

Our program this year helps you pinpoint best practice in demonstrating value to both internal and external stakeholders in a digital era. Join our growing interactive community that focuses on the cultural digital revolution now available to medical affairs teams!

As DGE welcomes you back to in-person conferences, we assure you that every precaution will be taken to keep you safe and healthy at our events. We have set new protocols for social distancing, onsite cleansing, and vaccination guarantees, all to make sure you have the best possible experience for learning and networking with a community of your peers.
  • VACCINATION IS MANDATORY to participate in a DGE in-person event. All event staff, speakers, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors must submit proof of vaccinated status upon first entry to the event space
  • All event staff, speakers, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors must wear masks in all event spaces, except when speaking on stage or eating in designated socially-distanced locations
  • All participants must affirm that they are not experiencing symptoms, have not been to an area with a travel health advisory, and have not been closely exposed to anyone who was
  • All events will follow federal and local safety guidances, as well as additional regulations that may be in place for each venue
  • All seating and exhibition areas will allow for 3 feet of space between participants
  • Event staff will be constantly monitoring room capacity and density
  • New directional and distancing signage will help remind participants about social distancing while keeping foot traffic flowing smoothly
  • All event spaces will have enhanced cleaning protocols throughout your stay
  • DGE and hotel staff have been trained on rapid response if event participants begin to show symptoms of illness
We appreciate your trust and your willingness to resume in-person learning. We pledge to put your health and safety first while holding our educational conferences, and to continue to refine and improve those standards based on developing guidelines from governments and venues.
Who Should Attend
This conference is designed for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device professionals responsible for:
  • Medical Affairs
  • Field Medical Team
  • Digital Strategy
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Communication
  • MSL Coordinator
  • Digital Innovation
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Medical Strategy
  • Scientific Communication
  • Medical Digital Capabilities
  • Medical Liaison
  • Scientific Training
  • Design Assurance Engineer
  • Relations
  • Publication Planning
  • Patient Services
  • Business Development
  • Real World Evidence
  • Data Generation
  • Medical Director
  • Medical Advisor
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Manager
  • Publications
  • Clinical Development
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Strategy & Insights
  • Virtual Engagement
  • Real World Analytics
  • IT Applications
  • Device Development / Device Technology
  • KOL/Thought Leader
  • Research Collaboration
  • HEOR
  • Patient Support Solutions
  • Multichannel Engagement
  • Scientific Solutions
  • Clinical/Scientific Affairs
Top Reasons to Attend
  • Improve your competitive position through boosted data literacy
  • Provide the best possible care and outcomes for patients through novel digital strategies
  • Ensure teams stay updated on new trends – while spotting unnecessary fads
  • Vibrant interactive community that prioritizes innovation on every level
  • Understand the current landscape and what companies are doing with digital strategy
Sponsorship and Exhibiting Opportunities
Are you a vendor, consultancy or solutions provider? Our attendees want to hear what you have to offer their organization. We can customize sponsorship packages tailored to your marketing needs. Whether you’re interested in sponsoring our networking reception, meals or breaks, or simply would like to host an exhibit booth at this event, please contact Amy Chapman at 561-571-7687 or achapman@dgeconfs.com.
Event Sponsors
New Topics
Featured Speakers
Ajit Kulkarni
Director, Social & Digital Medical Strategy & Communication
Alia Bucciarelli
Director, Health Communications
Alyson Evans
Associate Director, MSL
Ashley Chang
Medical Affairs Manager
Barry Lubarsky
Executive Director, Medical Affairs Strategy
Brian Johnson
Lead R&D IT
Christian Valencia
Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs, Oncology
Dotan Ran
Director, Innovation & Capabilities, Medical & Scientific Affairs
Fady Ntanios
Sr. Director, Global Medical Affairs, Early Asset Development Lead – NASH/Heart Failure
Harish Mahalingam
Category Medical Affairs Lead, Wellness/Skin Health
Iwona Bucior
Sr. Director, Medical Affairs
Jamie L. Weiss
Head of Global Publications, Global Medical Affairs
Jay Prajapati
Manager, Medical Information & Drug Safety
Jennifer Ghith
Innovation Lead, Global Scientific Communications
Karina Palafox
Director, Clinical Data Management
Leann Pezdirtz
Head, Field Based Medicine
Loredana Regep
VP, Medical & Regulatory Affairs
Lori Lebson
Head, US Medical Affairs, Neurology & Immunology
EMD Serono, Inc.
Merideth Rodgers
Director, Medical Affairs
Michael Kahn
Medical Affairs Operations Leader
Michael Steidle
National Head of Field Medical Affairs
Norma Palma
Head of Scientific & Medical Affairs
Pardis Tabrizi
Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs, Innovative Health
Rishi Ohri
Sr. Director, Operational Excellence, Medical Affairs
Sam Racanelli
Head, Medical Affairs Digital Strategy & Engagement
Shurjeel Choudhri
Senior Vice President and Head, Medical and Scientific Affairs
Stanislav Glezer
EVP, Chief Medical Officer & Regulatory Affairs
Stevan Tomich
Assistant Scientific Director
Tae Oh
Medical Affairs Lead, Dermatology
Event Schedule

Creating  connections  with  KOLs  isn’t  always  easy.  In  the  post-COVID  era,  outreach  can  be particularly  difficult.  Although  many  organizations  prefer  face-to-face  meetings,  virtual meetings  are  here  to  stay  and  many  experts  have  developed  a  preference  for  digital interactions. Now is the time to fine-tune your virtual outreach and take advantage of digital tools.

  • Leverage advisory boards
  • Look for flexible discussion tools
  • Seek out experienced vendors

Compliance is a big concern among Medical Affairs professionals when it comes to developing and  publishing  scientific  material.  They  need  new  solutions  for  better,  more  streamlined content management.

  • Reimagine traditional publishing and internal collaborations by identifying compliance concerns and defining solutions
  • Increase the visibility and reach of congress presentations and publications
  • Learn  how  to  collaborate  with  marketing  and  other  internal  stakeholders  to  create compliant materials or engage with virtual activities to meet goals

Understanding where other companies are at with digital innovation is vital.  How do their companies compare and what learnings can you implement at your own company?

  • Share  digital strategies that organizations are implementing and how they are becoming more digital
  • Exchange learnings, pitfalls, and best practices
  • Discuss available software and what organizations are using
  • Start from your customer and build outward into your organization
  • Determine what your customers are looking for
  • Explore how to identify a great customer experience

Learn rapid technical solutions to your most important digital strategy challenges, as technology and platform providers demonstrate in detail the latest features that can resolve your pain points.

Digital transformation is about more than just introducing new technologies or digital tools. Transformation requires rethinking old ways of working and adopting new behaviors. Effective change management is essential for implementing new technologies.

  • Discuss  common  challenges  encountered  during  digital  transformation  in  Medical Affairs using real life examples.
  • Share  lessons  learned  and  recommendations  provided  on  how  to  lead  a  successful transformation.
It's no longer about attracting clients to your websites, landing pages, or portals; rather, you must engage their entire interconnected world, or omnichannel funnel. You are not providing an omnichannel experience to your customers if you aren’t taking them on an experiential journey when they interact with your products or offerings.
  • Discuss omnichannel strategy, learnings, and best practices that can help shape the life sciences industry
  • Dive into strategies to grab the attention of your customer and get them to click on your content

Many organizations lack clarity and urgency on digital strategy and struggle to locate, attract and retain the digital leadership they require. As leaders in the sector have demonstrated, a greater dependence on digital technologies and data may benefit pharmaceutical companies in  a  variety  of  ways.  You  can  set  your  company  at  an  advantage  by  bringing  digital  savvy experts on board – but what happens if you’re not a digital expert yourself?

  • Discover what to look for, questions to ask, and how to interview 
  • Find talent that has the skillsets and vision for digital transformation
  • Recruit talent from outside of pharma with more digital experience

As  the  industry  evolves  beyond  the  traditional  organizational  approaches,  how  do  we  keep the  interconnectivity  within  Medical  Affairs  and  with  other  functions  to  drive  towards  a common goal within the business?

  • Establish  a  framework  for  collaboration  between  the  Medical  Affairs  team  and  the rest of the business units
  • Outline best practices when working together internally and externally
The pandemic has significantly impacted Medical Science Liaisons. With vaccines rolling out and travel opening back up, medical affairs leaders are forced to evaluate how these teams should operate in order to bring the best outcomes.
  • Review trends in the evolution of the MSL role across the industry
  • Discuss how to manage change for evolving MSL teams
  • Use data to enhance strategy for the new MSL role
  • Change existing behavior and adapt to new, innovative tools to add value
As businesses grow more digitally focused, with technology more thoroughly shaping the employee experience, leaders encounter new and unpredictable hurdles to their digital transformation efforts. Do you have the skill set necessary to maintain agile and adaptable leadership?
  • Find ways to simply and streamline your digital systems
  • Adopt a digital-first mindset without losing sight of the human experience
  • Define what success looks like in the context of digital transformation
We live in a world where a reader’s attention span is a few seconds and the competition for customer attention is fierce. HCPs are overwhelmed by the sheer noise of it all. It’s essential to cut through the noise and get the attention of your audience.
  • Deliver snackable, bite-sized content
  • Share your content across the multitude of channels and platforms where HCPs are
  • Review real examples of compliant, digestive, and effective content
HCPs are increasingly using social media as a valid and trusted platform for sharing opinions, dispelling misinformation, and furthering their medical knowledge. Many organizations; however, continue to avoid social media platforms due to a lack of knowledge on how to engage effectively in a compliant way. Medical Affairs teams have a great opportunity to become more involved in the scientific exchange that occurs across social media platforms or risk being silenced completely.
  • Learn how to overcome compliance hurdles and engage HCPs successfully on social media
  • Understand the behaviors and preferences of HCPs
  • Collaborate with DOLs to improve the reach and credibility of your messaging on social channels
The pandemic has compelled pharmaceutical companies to change their communication channels like never before. While some businesses were able to rapidly pivot to virtual releases and prevent delays, others were caught off guard and unable to respond as quickly. It is critical to develop the necessary skillset and digital infrastructure to compete in this new environment.
  • Discuss best practices, pitfalls and learnings
  • Highlight digital tools that reduce barriers
The transition to value-based care is heavily dependent on evidence-based medicine, and pharmaceutical organizations play a key role in scientific communication across the healthcare ecosystem. Because they operate in a highly regulated industry, experts need to communicate authentic, validated information. In order to accomplish this, they are increasingly turning to patient-centric analytics.
  • Understand where patients are in the system in order to target scientific and clinical information to the clinicians who matter
  • Identify signals in real-world data and use them to pinpoint the doctors who are having the most impact on disease burden
Patients are constantly evolving so why are we still insisting that they follow the standard protocol for clinical trial participation?
  • Collect raw patient data in real-time with wearable devices
  • Eliminate barriers to entry that patients face such as geography restrictions, time constraints, and financial investment
The most time-consuming and complex aspect of the clinical trial process is patient recruitment and retention. By failing to keep up with how consumers use technology, the industry spends billions of dollars and takes a decade or more to bring new treatments to market. What is your organization doing to effectively recruit and retain patients in a clinical trial?
  • Establish a recruiting strategy that reaches patients on all channels
  • Tap into the network of social media influencers
  • Develop a thorough prescreening questionnaire to recruit high quality patients
  • Discover how people learn in the digital age
  • Discuss current developments in data visualizations tailored to the audience
  • Convey data and pertscientific messages to ensure engaging content for scientific exchange
  • Use analytics to collect metrics, apply learnings and develop tools for cross-functional use

Medical affairs must be able to measure outcomes, determine the value of engagements, and align activities to meet strategic goals. Incorporating AI can smooth out all of these business processes, as it enables new techniques to measure outcomes, enhance decision-making, and uncover previously hidden impact insights.

  • Capture and measure the value of interactions and engagements with KOLs
  • Measure third party behaviors and inputs
  • Develop a dashboard that allows rapid and visual fruition
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