September 22-24, 2021
Online Livestream
7th Advancing Women's Leadership Skills & Opportunitiesin Pharma & Healthcare

Women executives in pharma and healthcare who have climbed every obstacle to get to the top share their success stories to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders. This program challenges and guides attendees to empower women in leadership roles and continue to close the gender parity industry gap.

Who Should Attend

Aspiring Professionals who are emerging and seeking knowledge to facilitate upward mobility. This conference is for professionals striving to advance their career path within:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospitals, healthcare system & healthcare providers
  • Health insurance companies
  • Biotech companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Healthcare-related associations and foundations
  • Industry influencers (solutions providers, educational organizations, government entities and venture capitalists)
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Featured Speakers
Adriana Zupa-Fernandez
Global Lead, Cultivating Leadership & Innovation for Millennials and Beyond
Alicia Levey
Chief Business Officer
Amy Flood
Chief HR & Communications Officer
Brooke Duffy
Head of Marketing
Chandra Abbott
Sr. Director, Head of Scientific Communications & Operations
Charlene Brisbane
Sr. Director, Biologics CMC Drug Product Development & Operations
Christopher Johnson
Director, Inclusion & Diversity
Claire Bonaci
Sr. Director, U.S. Health & Life Sciences
Colleen Hauk
Speaker, Trainer & Bestselling Author
David Williams
System VP, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
Doreen Morgan
VP, Global Regulatory
Hae-Won Min Liao
VP, U.S. Pricing & Access, Commercial Legal
Hope Zoeller
Leadership Development Trainer & Executive Coach
Ina Shah
Executive Director, Medical Information
Janine Ting Jansen
Senior Director of Inclusion and Diversity, North America
Jeffery Tobias Halter
President of YWOMEN, Gender Strategist
Author of Why Women
Jennifer Gervasi
Executive Director, Medical Operations & Alliances
Jennifer Rickard
Kanchan Relwani
Kanchan Relwani, M.D.
SVP, Medical Affairs
Katina Dorton
Chief Financial Officer; Board Director & Audit Chair
NODTHERA INC.; Multiple Boards
Leena Dalal
VP, Commercial Lead
Margaret Caulfield
Margaret A. Caulfield, Esq.
Director, Research & Development Counsel
Megan Bilson
SVP, HR & Global Talent Management
Nikhil Paul
Leadership Team Coach & Founder
Pamela Zapata
Director, Global Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Ramani Varanasi
President & CEO
Sandra Andrews
SVP & COO; Board Member, Multiple Boards
Sarah Akerman
Executive Medical Director, Medical Affairs Strategy
Stefanie Fish
AVP, US Field Medical
Swetha Krishnan
Sr. Director, Quality Systems & Compliance
Tami Reiss
Founder & Creator of “Just Not Sorry”
Taren Grom
Co-Founding Partner, Editor in Chief
Thalia Mingo
Global Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women (B-NOW) People & Business Resource Group
Theresa Matkovits
Chief Development Officer; Board Director
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We must therefore strive to achieve nothing less than total enterprise realignment around this awesome, burgeoning, astoundingly untapped market!
- Tom Peters
Is your organization ready to address the leadership imperative to advance women and engage men? Based on Jeffery Tobias Halter’s groundbreaking book, WHY WOMEN – The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men, this session outlines the tools and processes to drive the long-term advancement of women. Though the program is targeted at advancing women, a significant element of the framework explores the intersectionality of other key dimensions of diversity including race, age and gender non-binary. Targeted to senior leaders as well as the leaders of Women’s Employee/Business Resource Groups, the session will examine:
  • How to create an Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategy designed to Grow Revenue, Improve Operating Profits and Enhance Company Reputation
  • Accountability measures that best in class companies are tracking to execute against their Women’s Leadership Strategy
  • Tips and strategies to engage men as allies and advocates for Women’s Leadership Strategies
When it comes to negotiating, women face unique challenges. They are often considered as "unlikable" when they do it. Women have a tendency to undervalue their professional worth, and have been conditioned to avoid aggressiveness, which is a necessary trait for successful negotiating. Women must be as courageous as their male counterparts in asking for what they want, need, and deserve.
  • Be confident – know your worth and don’t be afraid to ask for it
  • Learn how to hone your negotiating skills while leaving your emotions at the door
Even under COVID working conditions, women have continued to move into different roles or different companies. While this task is difficult in and of itself, many women are now faced with the additional barrier of doing it from behind their computers.
  • Learn how to master your online interviews
  • Adopt new skills and learn how to have a strong virtual presence
  • Engage with others by building and maintaining quality relationships
Rosalynn Carter, former first lady, said, “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” Successful organizational change requires great leaders as they steer the transformation from a difficult journey into a smooth ride. Harvard Business Review identified five key competencies for change management: demonstrating flexibility and resilience; recognizing growth opportunities; striving for results; leading courageously; gaining buy-in. Research shows women innately have many of these skills necessary to successfully lead organizational change. This session will provide tools and resources necessary to be an effective change agent.
  • Explain five key competencies for effective change management
  • Define Emotional Intelligence (EI) and understand its importance when leading an organization through change
  • Identify six traits of successful change agents
  • Highlight personal areas of strengths and opportunities for leading change
  • Create a personal GAME Plan for Leading Change
In this session, a group of dynamic future leaders will share the unique steps they took to advance in their careers.
  • Share stories and experiences of their journey
  • Discuss challenges and lessons learned along the way
  • Explore what it takes to climb the ladder
Team members are still adjusting to a routine of remote work. With vaccines rolling out, organizations are now planning for a new hybrid model that mixes remote work and office collaboration.
  • Discuss strategies for leaders and how they can best navigate the new normal
  • Address the challenges and skills necessary to manage a hybrid workforce
Women have pushed for a “seat at the table” for decades, but they are still largely excluded from one of the most important tables of all: the one in the boardroom.
  • Share experiences of the journey it took to get on a board
  • Explore what CEOs look for in potential board members
  • Discover how to market yourself effectively to be considered
  • Discuss preparations and expectations of being on a board
Executive teams consisting of both men and women are more likely to have above-average profitability, yet women left the workforce at a 27% higher attrition rate than men in 2020. And Gallup’s research has found that managers have higher burnout and stress than those they manage. With female leaders reaching record levels of burnout and leaving their jobs, we are stalling organizational profits and overall economic growth!
After suffering burnout and her own breaking point, Colleen Hauk transformed her situation and developed successful methods for leading what she now calls the ‘and’ life – having a powerful career and extraordinary personal life. Colleen sees first-hand the reality of how work and life are more blended than ever, and she uses her experience, research and proven strategies to take burned-out female executives and turn them into top-tier women leaders to increase their engagement and that of their teams.
Attendees will be able to immediately implement proven strategies to:
  1. Assess their current circumstances and discover where immediate transformation is needed.
  2. Design their life to cultivate resilience and circumvent burnout in the workplace.
  3. Make the surprising connection between their humanity and influence to enhance employee engagement in order to retain top talent.
Have you noticed that you don’t always get what you want? Has someone less qualified been promoted before you? Have you been told that you’re too nice? It may be that your communication style is holding you back. Come hear from Tami Reiss, founder and creator of Just Not Sorry, the Gmail plugin that helps you send more confident emails.
  • Master writing time effective emails to accomplish your goals,
  • Learn tips to wowing people with your presentations
  • Share key steps to take to get the raise and promotion you deserve
It is critical for organizations at every level need to find and cultivate diverse talent. Consider how your company might come to be known as a place where the brightest and diverse women desire to work and stay.
  • Make it a top priority for your recruiting team to hire a diverse pool of candidates
  • Rethink how you write job descriptions to encourage more people to apply
  • Retain diverse candidates by creating a comfortable environment for them to thrive
Get to the root of what is needed to change your organization’s culture and how to make conscious deliberate change to be more diverse and inclusive.
  • Lead by example – it starts at the very top
  • Foster authenticity and employee well-being programs that support DEI
  • Structure your organization with accountably for DEI initiatives
From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, generational diversity is increasing in the healthcare industry. Each generation brings their own set of strengths and skills to the table. These intergenerational strengths can be a tremendous benefit, as long as you make sure your teams are not distracted by rivalries and clichés.
  • Learn how to break free from generational prejudices and stigmas
  • Recognize the talents each generation has to contribute to develop a more dynamic and productive workforce
Male allies play a crucial role in corporate diversity and inclusion efforts. Their potential requires an increased understanding of how to best target their skills so women and team members of diverse backgrounds can continue to thrive.
  • Gain the perspective of men in the workplace and how they can engage other male colleagues to encourage diversity and inclusion within their organizations
  • Learn how to find male allies in your own organization
Did you know that 38% of new leaders outright fail in the first 18 months? In addition, Gallup found that “clever benefit packages, new scoring systems, free lunches and on-site volleyball courts are great. But they don’t change growth outcomes. Only improving your ratio of great to lousy managers does.”
Through her own 15-year personal leadership journey and ongoing research, Colleen Hauk, best-selling co-author of the book, Women Who Ignite, has created a unique framework, the “5-Star Approach”, that will help you become the confident, effective leader you were meant to be. You'll discover how to transform yourself while striking the balance between people and results; master the methodologies for communication and employee development; and unlock the power of your network to keep your career on a consistent, upward trajectory. Be prepared to be inspired and empowered to continue taking your leadership to the next level!
  • Review expectations for the day
  • Self-reflection and interactive exercises
  • Break down the 5-Star LeaderTM
  • Gain the skills needed to transition from an individual contributor into a leadership role
  • Evaluate the emotional intelligence skills required to attract and retain the right people
  • Discover the universal needs required in a work environment to create a thriving culture
  • Develop the competency to show up in the workplace and inspire others to improve productivity and effectiveness
  • Gain the skills to communicate in specific circumstances that deliver greater outcomes
  • Establish an employee development process that delivers greater outcomes
  • Learn the art of remaining curious to foster independent decision making and ownership
  • Begin designing your professional journey for purposeful growth
  • Examine and expand your network and learn how to leverage it for advancement
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