March 8-10, 2021
Online Livestream
6th Advancing Women’s Leadership Skills & Opportunitiesin Pharma & Healthcare

It’s time to take a seat at the table as experts from top pharmas, medical device companies, and healthcare organizations share their stories, actionable tips, and practiced advice to guide this generation of women on their path forward in their respected industries.

While we all learn how to navigate our current roles and stay on track for career advancement during this challenging time, it is more important than ever that women do not lose pace. Advancing Women’s Leadership Skills & Opportunities in Healthcare & Pharma will address the additional challenges that women face now amidst this pandemic and ways to keep the momentum while advocating for your needs.

Whether you seek equality, advancement, higher salaries, or better titles, professionals from the most recognized industry organizations like AbbVie, Genentech, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Amgen will shed light on ways to help advocate for yourself and others to help close the gap.

Top Reasons to Attend
  • Unique networking opportunities developed with our current virtual setting in mind
  • Extended personal developments programs via mentoring, coaching, workshops
  • Topics are pressing and relevant to current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Areas of focus like business acumen, negotiation tactics, and conflict resolution that are useful in career longevity but are often overlooked in career advancement training
  • Executive leadership from AbbVie, Bristol Myers Squibb, Alkermes, and more provide first hand advice and feedback to help further your career advancement
Who Should Attend

Mid-Level Leaders who are emerging and seeking knowledge to facilitate upward mobility. This conference is for Managers, Directors, and VPs looking to continue their career path to Senior Level, Executive Level, and C-Suite Roles with:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospitals, healthcare system & healthcare providers
  • Health insurance companies
  • Biotech companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Healthcare-related associations and foundations
  • Industry influencers (solutions providers, educational organizations, government entities and venture capitalists)
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New Topics
Featured Speakers
Adam Dubow
Adam Dubow
Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer
Bristol Myers Squibb
Alicia Goodman
SVP, Human Resources
Aimmune Therapeutics
Angela Lane
Angela Lane
Vice President, Global Talent
Brittäne Parker, M.D., FACP
Academic hospitalist; Producer/Co-Host
Mayo Clinic; DEI Shift podcast
Cindy Murphy Salas
Cindy Salas Murphy
Founder and CEO
Colleen Hauk
Speaker, Trainer & Bestselling Author
Diana Gulick
Diana Gulick
Associate Director, Employee Population Health
Erin Monaco
Director, Regulatory Advertising and Promotion
Gia Rozells
Director of User Experience
Ina Shah
Executive Director, Medical Information
Jacqueline Gerena, MBA
Director, Program Management
Aimmune Therapeutics
Jerry Murry, PhD
Senior Vice President, Process Development
Jessica Akopyan
Director of Corporate Affairs, Media
Jhaymee Tynan
Jhaymee Tynan
Enterprise Assistant Vice President of Integration
Atrium Health
Judy Gawlik Brown
Judy Gawlik Brown
SVP, Corporate Affairs; Chair
Amgen; Amgen Foundation Board of Directors
Kanchan Relwani
Kanchan Relwani, M.D.
Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs
Katie Donovan
Founder and CEO
Equal Pay Negotiations
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos
Associate Vice President, Process Research & Development
Lisa Iadicicco
Executive Director
Women In Bio
Margaret Caulfield
Margaret A. Caulfield, Esq.
Director, Research & Development Counsel
Michael O'Brien
Michael O’Brien
Executive Coach, Speaker, Best-Selling Author
Peloton Executive Coaching
Phyllis Ferrell
Global Head, External Engagement, Alzheimer’s and Neurodegeneration
Eli Lilly and Company
Roberta Moore
Roberta Moore
President and CEO
The EQ Coach
Steve Weitz
Steve Weitz
Principal, Leadership Development, Genentech Commercial, Medical Affairs, Government Affairs
Susan Soldin
Susan Soldin
Vice President
Global Talent Management, Medtronic
Tara Herington
Tara Herington, RN
Vice President
Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
Event Schedule

Lisa Iadicicco, Executive Director of Women In Bio welcomes you to the 6th Annual Advancing Women's Leadership Skills & Opportunities in Pharma & Healthcare.

The importance of gender equality and diversity of the healthcare workforce has beenacknowledged by scholarship and global agencies. Yet women, especially women of color, remain underrepresented in leadership positions, and not only at the highest levels. This fireside chat will shed light on the disparity in the industry and way to actively shift our workplace cultures to create a more inclusive environment.

  • Gain a closer look into the current gap and lack of diversity that currently plagues most healthcare organizations
  • Appreciate how minority representation in your organization's leadership is a must for your health care workforce
  • Learn ways you can actively advocate for a more diverse workforce

According to research from the Center for Talent Innovation, the vast majority of women and multicultural professionals need navigational support to advance in their careers but receive it less often than male counterparts. And when they do receive support, it often isn’t the right method that they need. So, what kind of support should you seek? What is the difference between having a mentor or having a sponsor? And how do you nurture these connections to help amplify your career?

  • Clarify the difference between coaching, mentorship, and sponsorship
  • Strategize for networking in a digital world

Lack of feedback over a career is one reason why women may not develop the skills and experiences necessary for success at the most senior levels. What else do we know? Women suffer from getting less fair, developmental feedback. So, it’s no wonder women emerge later in their career having failed to collect some of the experiences that would have positioned them better for more senior roles.

  • Take a deeper look into feedback bias and how it effects your ability to advance
  • Provide proper feedback that is not sanitized or based on behavior
  • Deploy tools on self-awareness to assist in the often-uncomfortable act of receiving feedback

Workplace friendships are a natural byproduct of spending a lot of time working and socializing with the same peers. However, these relationships have a completely different dynamic than a relationship between a boss and an employee. So, when you land that promotion and realize you will now have to manage your former peers how do you pivot your relationships to create new boundaries without completely compromising the bonds you’ve built. 

  • Take the necessary steps as a new manager to ensure a smooth transition from peer to leader
  • Set boundaries that are clear but mindful
This session gives managers and employees the information needed to get equal pay for direct reports and themselves. It shares how to negotiate through current hiring and compensation best practices while provoking improvement to the processes to close pay gaps once and for all.
  • Learn about market research data that creates a false sense of objectivity
  • Become skilled in how to keep the negotiations conversational yet empowering as a
    candidate or employee
  • Gain an understanding of to question human resources to invite collaborative change

As technology has improved and become more widely available, many companies are moving into healthcare or healthcare-adjacent fields, driven by entrepreneurs who see the value of this emerging market. With the healthcare industry booming now could be a great time to pave your own path. But entrepreneurship is tricky, and startups are notoriously unstable. Learn first-hand from Cindy Salas Murphy as she shares her story of how she created WithHealth. 

  • Keep clear sight of your goals at all stages
  • Identify and overcome the pitfalls of building a new business 
  • Form strong alliances to help you get to where you need to go

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a relentless neurodegenerative disease that is shaping our families, our future and our children’s futures in a manner that is unprecedented. There is a large, growing and intense unmet need across all key players – patients, caregivers, policy makers, regulators, payers and healthcare providers. The effect of this disease continues to widen its influence daily and many find themselves only one degree of separation away from someone they know or care about being affected with AD, or a related dementia. While we each may have some individual limitation in our professional impact and activities, together we touch every part of this disease and together we can make bigger impact.

Discuss how AD threatens the progress in diversity that generations of women before us have made sacrifices to achieve – and that is untenable.

Form alliances - We are natural networkers and collaborators, and we increase our own energy and engagement when we inspire and empower others – when we work together we are unstoppable.

Identify the steps we can take to overcome these barriers.

Congratulations! You got promoted . . . now what?! As an emerging female leader, you're likely looking at your new responsibilities with a mix of excitement and nervousness. You may have more questions than answers. Where can you turn to start your role right, win over your team and lead them to their first big wins, paving the way for a growth-oriented career?

Through her own 15-year personal leadership journey, Colleen Hauk has created a unique "Start Where You Are" Framework for leadership that will help you become the confident, effective leader you were meant to be. You'll discover how to transform yourself, then your team to create a cohesive culture that delivers results, even when the stakes are high.

  • Transform from an individual contributor to a leader respected by your direct reports, peers and senior leadership
  • Highlight the surprising connection between your humanity and your power to create a tightly knit team that executes on your vision.
  • Grasp why you need a personal Board of Directors to keep your career on a consistent upward trajectory

In fast-paced environments it’s important to prepare for shifts in personnel. Team members might retire, get fired, get sick, take leave or quit without notice. Succession planning ensures there’s a strategy in place for someone to step in, get promoted and take over that person’s duties without a loss in productivity and morale. 

Before the pandemic, succession planning was often seen as one of those important but not quite urgent activities that management and team leaders knew they should be doing. However, COVID-19 has altered the workplace in a number of ways and might have impacted staff size or resources. Rebuilding your team whether it be at the department level or organization level will be a task best laid out with the thought and care of the right succession plan. 

  • Face the ways COVID-19 could impact your talent pool
  • Differentiate between succession planning and replacement planning
  • Deploy a basic succession planning template within your department or organization

There is increasing evidence that a healthy and safe workforce can provide a competitive business advantage. How can we create wellness and safety programs to develop a corporate culture of health and well-being? From a comprehensive review of the current state of employee health and culture, to creating an implementation plan, this session will aim to provide a blueprint to gain awareness and to build a culture of health and well-being within your team.

  • Combat the unique challenges that COVID-19 represents to your employee population health
  • Create a business case for population health and garner support from executives
  • Build health into the company culture

Whether your team was always intended to be remote or you are now forced into a remote work environment due to COVID-19, it is crucial to exercise flexibility, trust, guidance, and support to your peers and those you supervise. Although there are advantages to remote work environments, often times, teams might still experience a breakdown in communication, low morale or distraction. So, what are effective ways to manage yourself and others while maintaining high productivity?

  • Create guidelines and expectations for yourself and others on the team 
  • Establish the right communication channels so that everyone feels connected and present with the team and the work
  • Use empathy to lead during trying times 

Male allies are men who associate with, cooperate with, and support women. However, this basic definition does not begin to describe the complexities inherent in the term. What are some of the practical steps you can take to encourage your male peers to be an advocate for you and women in the workplace? Some are simple; others might require more effort. Even incremental changes in individual behavior can contribute to advances for women. This panel of male allies will help shed light on ways they have been active in their allyship and provide insight on engaging others to do the same.

  • Focus on the role of men as allies in the workplace
  • Spotlight policies and practices, tools and training to foster inclusive organizations
  • Shift the culture to lessen the gap between intention and implementation
Biopharmaceutical and other industry executives in the United States are increasingly
speaking out about the challenges associated with finding and retaining STEM-related talent.
This session touches on ways that the industry can be proactive in laying the foundation in
science education to inspire the next generation of innovators to ensure the future of new of
medicines and research is bright.
  • Pinpoint the drivers for the biopharmaceutical industry's efforts to improve STEM
  • Create STEM programs that are meaningful and effective

Western thought has largely been shaped by an admiration of logic, as opposed to emotion. Stoics like taught that it is best to ignore feelings. Today, however, we have done a complete 180. Business leaders are prized for being multi-faceted and passionate. Qualities once seen as weaknesses, such as empathy and sensitivity, are now viewed as strengths. Emotional intelligence (EQ) has become more than a buzzword. Research from the Journal of Occupational Therapy has proven that EQ has a significant impact on occupational performance. As we move into an era that’s hyper-focused on mindfulness and self-awareness, the outdated notion of an unapproachable, money-driven leader will become far less common. Corporations around the world turn to EQ measurement in hiring, promoting, and developing their employees because they know that to foster a community-oriented environment, leaders must be engaging, compassionate, and morally competent. Those who possess higher social skills and empathetic qualities will drive the companies of our future forward. 

  • Make the business case for EQ and an understanding of how EQ contributes to success 
  • Rank and seek out the key qualities in potential leaders
  • Analyze and improve EQ skills to help high-performers use both emotions and logic for better performance

Did you know that 38% of new leaders outright fail in the first 18 months?!  Through her own 15-year personal leadership journey and ongoing research, Colleen Hauk, best-selling co-author of the book, Women Who Ignite, has created a unique “Lead with Impact” Framework that will help you become the confident, effective leader you were meant to be. You'll discover how to transform yourself while striking the balance between people and results; master the methodologies for problem-solving and overcoming barriers; and unlock the power of your network to keep your career on a consistent, upward trajectory.  Be prepared to be inspired and empowered to continue taking your career to the next level.

  • Define your objectives and review outcomes of the day 
  • Break down the Lead with Impact ModelTM
  • Review the unique challenges faced by leaders
  • Gain the skills needed to transition from an individual contributor and a peer into a formal leadership role
  • Explore the emotional intelligence skills required to increase top-performer success
  • Begin designing your professional journey for purposeful growth
  • Examine and expand your network and learn how to leverage it for advancement
  • Build cultures that create stronger team cohesion 
  • Establish processes to conduct effective meetings that deliver greater outcomes
  • Enhance your communication skills and ability to influence in order to make decisions that achieve your objectives and desired results
  • Learn strategies for navigating through perpetual change
  • Discover the art of leading with questions to foster creative thinking and shared responsibility
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