Conference Speakers
Adam Thomas
Chief People Officer & Secretary
Synlogic, Inc.
Alicja Januszewicz
SVP, People & Culture
Theseus Pharmaceuticals
Blair Dugan Martin
Senior Director, Human Resources
Demetria Johnson, CDP
D&I Early in Career Partner
Drew Duncan
Global Human Resources Director
Ellen Gerstein
Senior Director, Content & Engagement, Corporate Affairs
Fernando Zallocco
LatAm South HR Director
Boehringer Ingelheim
Janine Ting Jansen
Senior Director of Inclusion and Diversity, North America
Marlo Mae Manning
Vice President, Human Resources
Collegium Pharmaceutical
Monica Perez
Director - Corporate Communications & Employee Engagement
Noven Pharmaceuticals
Anabel Tonkovic
Employee Engagement Lead for Life Science
Millipore Sigma
Ritu Shrivastav
Senior Director Human Resources
Gilead Sciences

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