Conference Schedule
Employee engagement is one of the most pressing business issues of our day. The global pandemic has changed the way we work and engaged with colleagues. As organizations adapt to the new hybrid and remote work model, many uncertainties and challenges still abound that will affect employee engagement and experience.
  • Identify engagement challenges and best practice in a remote world
  • Discuss how employee engagement will change post pandemic
  • Understand how HR leaders can design specific strategies that help increase employee engagement for remote and hybrid workforces
  • Fuse the expertise of research groups and designers
Most often, employee engagement falls in the hands of Human Resources and leadership to address. But what if you could also empower your employees to solve and drive engagement initiatives at a local level while contributing to your organization's global engagement priorities?
  • Walk away with ideas for how to implement a similar approach in your organization
  • Explore keys to success as well as watch-outs
  • Discuss how to measure the impact of initiatives set in motion by your employee network
COVID upended well-established business norms about how and where people work. As life sciences organizations plan for a “back to normal,” leaders are developing guiding principles to make decisions about which new working models to adopt to maintain productivity, employee engagement, retain valuable talent and maintain the company’s culture. Focus on changes to recruitment and onboarding
  • Make sure compensation structures adapt
  • Rework communications based on the lessons of a tough year
  • Discuss tools to ensure parity across the organization
  • Design effective business and HR strategies to facilitate global interactions
DE&I efforts that recognize unconscious bias will improve all phases of talent management—from recruiting candidates to assessing and promoting leaders. HR leaders are tasked with creating an equal playing field to yield a more inclusive talent pipeline.
  • Address how HR can be more proactive in dismantling systemic racism
  • Discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enable better hiring decisions that impacts diversity success
  • Examine creating not only diverse workplaces but diverse leaders throughout the organization
  • Invest in tools to identify and address inequities in the workforce
For years, executing a clear DE&I mission has been more of a discussion rather than a call to action. With the social upheavals in 2020, many organizations have made a renew commitment to implementing sustainable programs for greater diversity, equity and inclusion. Focusing on a diverse workforce fosters innovation and allows for greater engagement.
  • Reboot and re-imagine your culture with a focus on diversity and inclusion
  • Pinpoint key strategies to creating a sustainable D&I plan
  • Recognize tools and strategies that can be used to move towards DE&I goals in areas like recruitment, hiring, talent development and succession
The conferences of the last year have greatly tested employees stress level and mental health. Employee burnout is on the rise, at a high cost to both employers and employees—affecting productivity and engagement. It is never more important than now to prioritize your employees’ mental health and wellness. In this session, explore approaches to safeguard your employee's mental health, resilience and well-being.
  • Take a holistic approach that addresses mental health and engagement
  • Examine strategies to cultivate mental wellness in the new work environment
  • Rethink workplaces for hybrid and/or more flexible working hours
  • Destigmatize mental health by expanding benefits and building awareness
The shift to remote working has left many employees increasingly overwhelmed and struggling to attain a work-life balance. As leaders, it is imperative that you improve and support the wellbeing stamina of your workforce in the work from home environment.
  • Gain practical steps your organization can take to support employees wellbeing
  • Understand how to create a supportive virtual workplace culture
  • Create a comprehensive well-being strategy for your organization
  • Support and guide the employees in the new normal— how, where and when they work
Great leadership is the key to employee engagement and performance at any organization. In these challenging times, organizations have been leaning on their leaders to keep employees engaged and productive—while ensuring their wellness. However, making sure your current and future leaders are supported, developed and given the necessary tools to excel in their roles can be a big challenge.
  • Provide opportunities for professional growth to keep employees stimulated and engaged
  • Facilitate mentorship and coaching programs to foster a learning and development culture
  • Sharpen leadership skills to effectively manage remote teams
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” Creating positive workplace cultures that foster employee connection, increase engagement, inspire innovation and retain your workforce is critical to an organization’s success. Workplace culture has eroded during the shift to a remote environment. So how will pharma keep employees engaged, bought in and productive in a hybrid model? This session will share essential strategies necessary to maintain your company’s culture.
  • Review tools and processes involved in culture-building
  • Discuss how to create, foster and nurture culture with a dispersed and hybrid workforce
  • Establish protocols to address conflict productively
  • Analyze leadership’s role in ensuring employees stay connected for maximum engagement and productivity
Talent acquisition and retention continues to be a focal point for the industry. HR leaders have been forced to re-examine their hiring strategies to deal with a changing workforce and environment. With so many variables and unknowns, how are you preparing for the post pandemic world?
  • Understand the trends that impact the recruitment function in the post-COVID world.
  • Discuss the leadership skills that will determine the success of the recruitment function in the post-COVID world
  • Work with business leaders to define and find talent with the right skills
  • Design effective strategies to attract and engaging talent in a digital world
  • Explore ways modernize your recruitment marketing efforts to align with tends in the “new normal”
Employees can be your biggest champions—the face of your organization in engaging your external customers. In this session, speaker will share first hand insight on how to empower and motivate colleagues to use their personal social media to share company insights, as a way to engage external customers and bring awareness to the brand.
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities in allowing employee social media engagement
  • Evaluate the wins including the increase in employee engagement
  • Explore how it can drive employee performance and self-engagement