Conference Schedule

The Medical Affairs function serves as a point of differentiation for highly functioning organizations. With scientific understanding, communication experience and business knowledge, Medical Affairs teams can set your organization apart from the competition.
Discuss how to transform your Medical Affairs team and learn to achieve excellence within your organization. 

  • Explore how Medical Affairs teams are designing advanced strategies that align with the organization's overall strategic goals
  • Examine strategic Medical Affairs leadership skills
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration and alignment around the medical affairs strategy
  • Work with leadership to develop a culture of creativity and build high-performing teams

Although Global Medical Affairs organizations have similar functional accountabilities, they may have different organizational structures and/or accountability depending on the size of the company. Mid-sized and big biopharmaceutical companies may approach medical affairs roles differently; what are the key areas of similarities and differences, and what challenges do medical affairs professionals face?

  • Clarify how medical affairs departments are organized in different-sized companies
  • Recognize areas of collaboration and difference between global medical affairs and affiliate medical affairs functions
  • Focus on roles, responsibilities and challenges of integration and cross-functional collaboration

This panel is designed to help you think about your career path and the different options that are open to you. Long careers in one therapeutic area or one company are becoming a rarity as new technologies and shifting social norms disrupt traditional careers. 

As employers and employees seek more diverse skill sets, flexibility and alternative paths, the road to a fulfilling career has become more difficult to navigate. Panelists will share their career paths, dive into what their job details, discuss transferrable skills for those looking to make a transition and tips for uncovering opportunities.  

  • Identify and explore potential career opportunities in Medical Affairs 
  • What does a career in Medical affairs look like? 
  • Learn about different opportunities within MA to discover which are a good fit for your skill set 
  • Transitioning into Medical Affairs; how to reach out to people in MA and discuss opportunities to transition internally
  • Understand the most powerful actions that you can take towards getting to the next level in your career

It can be easy to blend into the background at work, if you want to get ahead in your career, you’ll need a new approach. When building a strong professional reputation, you need to learn how to find your voice within your organization. Knowing how to voice your ideas and perspectives in an appropriate manner is an essential part of career success. 

  • Learn how to reclaim your voice and make an impact that is long lasting
  • Why speaking up in meetings is important no matter what your role and how to do it when you’re intimidated
  • How to effectively express yourself and become an influential team member
  • Discuss how to advocate for yourself and communicate in emotionally charged situations

The desire to succeed professionally can lead us to ignore our well-being. It's important to create a harmonious work-life balance for our families, emotional and mental health, and also our career health. This session will discuss the challenges and rewards of finding a work-life balance with the demands of a professional career.

  • Discuss how to navigate raising children and achieving professional goals
  • What is the role of work in our identities? What “should” it be?
  • Master asking for help in the workplace
  • Navigate guilt you feel about being away from family
  • Learn to restore your balance and find fulfillment

Brian Scheckner - Senior Director, Medical Communications, Neuroscience Franchise
Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Do you feel fulfilled and happy in your career? If not, you aren't alone. Most people aren't excited about the work they're doing and feel unsatisfied with the direction their careers have taken. Let's take a look at how to become fulfilled in our careers no matter your position.

  • Examine how to develop your career without compromising who you are
  • Finding joy in your career, no matter your position
  • Embrace work-life integration

Establishing a new medical affairs function in a decentralized environment, when travel and face-to-face activities are completely ruled out, requires an unprecedented quantum leap in both tools and skills.  By embracing the necessary changes and remaining resilient, medical affairs professionals can show even more value to their stakeholders.

  • Plan the structural changes necessary for integrated evidence generation
  • Comprehensively share resources and training
  • Build a new global strategy that can meet the challenges of the moment
  • Spotlight the applications of Emotional Intelligence that are specifically useful for medical affairs
  • Integrate EI concepts such as self-awareness, self-regulation, and ethical decision-making into your leadership practice
  • Shape a forward-facing dialogue among key team members

Field medical professionals, like many other healthcare providers, are at increased risk of burnout.   A better understanding of key factors to individual and team burnout and the steps to take to improve performance and mitigate turnover. 

  • Recognize the causes of burnout across multiple disciplines
  • Importance of being the CEO of your territory vs management of teams 
  • Acknowledge common pitfalls and leverage key strategies to maximize career growth and potential

Many organizations struggle with keeping medical and commercial teams in lockstep. This panel will discuss the challenges that these teams face as they struggle to move forward together. Learn as a medical professional to work hand in hand with commercial to create a seamless message.

  • Creating a strategic competitive advantage while safeguarding public confidence
  • Discuss how medical and commercial should be utilizing the same platforms
  • Learn to be highly collaborative and translate technology trends into tangible business gains
  • Working with commercial to bring medical up to speed

The disconnect that's often felt when employees are on the road can be challenging for both employer and employee. How do workers in the field manage this disconnect? This session will take a deep dive into the life of a field-based employee to explore best practices.

  • What are the key elements to successful internal and external engagement?
  • Discuss skills and techniques that are necessary for a successful MSL career
  • Best practices for staying engaged and keeping up with continuous communication with the office
  • Establishing solid relationships and communication channels within your organization
  • Discuss the best technologies for staying up to date when on the road