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Recognizing how other companies have developed omnichannel marketing is vital for your own journey. How do their companies compare and what learnings can you implement at your own company?

  • Discuss where your company is at in this journey
  • Share best practices and learnings

Gaining an understanding of the omnichannel customer journey can help you harmonize your marketing and sales strategy. Though you’ve often been told to keep the needs of your customers in mind, what does this mean in practice and which channels are the most effective?

  • Determine what metrics matter
  • Interpret and leverage customer insights to inform brand strategy

Leveraging platforms, such as Google, for media is an essential part of many omnichannel strategies. Understanding an appropriate framework for your marketing and media is critical regardless if you are the one executing or reviewing (from an agency).

  • Create the framework and strategy for your marketing and media plan
  • Target the right customer with the right messages
  • Measure performance and optimizing your campaign
  • Discuss tips moving forward: Using AI for copywriting and adapting to a cookie-less world

Everyone has a different preference on how they like to receive information. Understand the audience you want to reach and how they behave in order to increase their engagement.

  • Utilize analytical tools that show how customers behave when interacting with a brand on all these different channels
  • Study customer profiles to fully understand who your specific individual customers are
  • Reach out to similar groups of customers with similar behavior and send them a message based on that action

Day One Concludes

Building a strong omnichannel marketing campaign is essential for organizations. An omnichannel culture is required and companies who do not push for this will get left behind.

  • Define the challenges and address knowledge gaps
  • Adopt an omnichannel mindset
  • Influence senior leadership and sales teams to get on board

Understanding your customers is becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical market place. Beyond their needs and desires, a deeper look at their personal beliefs and behaviors can reveal valuable attitudes toward your products and brands. These traits can be the reasons your product or band is chosen.

  • Tailor your messaging more directly to your customers
  • Improve allocation of promotional dollars to reach your target audience at the time of decision making
  • Sharpen product, brand or message recall as personal beliefs, shared behaviors and unique attributes are being met

Although many businesses have attempted to execute an omnichannel strategy, very few have truly succeeded in providing a comprehensive experience for the customer. Planning, executing, and measuring an omnichannel campaign requires cross-functional involvement.

  • Train or mentor individuals who are not experienced in orchestrating campaign planning and execution across all channels
  • Include team members from marketing, sales, third-party vendors, etc.
  • Improve engagement, collaboration, and feedback across departments

Without doubt, after COVID spread there has been a big boom of the omnichannel world, but how can we manage now this digital saturation? In this session you can explore more in detail what new technology you can use to innovate and improve your customer experience

  • Understand the basics of these new technologies
  • Discuss how these technologies can help to differentiate in such a crowded field

  • Determine if there is a preferred in-house strategy and if it needs updating
  • Understand how to deploy A/B testing
  • Avoid the pitfalls of inaccurate list segmentation
  • Learn from a cardiac campaign case study

Day Two Concludes