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With the recent uptick of COVID-19 infections around the world, 2022 is shaping up to be another year of unpredictability and social distancing. According to Salesforce, 88% of customers expect companies to accelerate their digital initiatives because of the pandemic.  How should your marketing approaches change to reflect this?

  • Publish content to reflect society and elevate with diverse voices in mind
  • Promote content marketing to increase credibility, authority, and visibility within your industry as an established thought leadership
  • Examine how your audiences are embracing content that’s interactive as it gives people a chance to express their opinions

Rules such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aren’t going away, and will likely lead to similar legislation in the future. Because a website can potentially attract visitors from any country, you need to be compliant with any laws covering a population in your target audience.

  • Bring together and optimize accessible, clean and usable data
  • Be sure your functional teams and platforms share the right data
  • Utilize data as a new currency, as every marketer strives to stretch the dollar to deliver tailored content

The 2021 Omnichannel Statistics Report reveals that marketers using at least three channels for campaigns enjoyed 287% more sales than those only targeting a single channel. Omnichannel models hold the promise of improving not only HCP engagement but also overall quality of care, patient outcomes, revenues, productivity, employee satisfaction, and talent attraction and retention.

  • Augment relationships with new resources and tools to address stakeholders’ needs
  • Shift your go-to-market models to meet HCP’s expectations
  • Enable stakeholders to make better and faster decisions for the benefit of patients and health systems alike

You want your customers to see you as an authoritative voice in your industry. Be consistent in your voice and style across channels and platforms and follow the lead of brand-building experts like Apple and Nike, whose customers seek them out and don’t even compare them to other products.

  • Establish a unique brand presence that helps to create loyal customers
  • Recognize that in this competitiveenvironment, you need to go beyond offering quality products and services
  • Include messaging that solves for hurdles from the very first time a lead comes across your product
  • Identify and emphasize your unique selling proposition (USP)

Underutilization of platform technologies is one of the largest problems that marketers face. There are a host of tools you can incorporate into your tech stack to boost productivity, leverage data and meet customer expectations, but where do you start?

  • Focus on key applications, including: Content management system (CMS),Digital asset management, Internet Of Behaviors and voice commerce
  • Avoid the pitfalls of spending on outdated technology that can’t keep up with a changing digital ecosystem
  • Ensure your product offers security, compliance and scalability

You can benefit from alternatives to traditional engagements including platforms that allow asynchronous or “over time” engagement.Your teams need to understand how KOLs interact with platforms and with each other on their own time, receiving information and offering feedback outside the model of a group discussion.

  • Proven and dramatic increases in HCP/KOL participation and cost-per-word
  • Explore asynchronous engagement models such as: HCP community boards, digital publication groups, research grant submissions and review programs
  • Understand the opportunities and benefits of platforms that deliver asynchronous engagement
Misaligned objectives and poor communications are two of the factors that play a role in the disconnect between sales and marketing. Ensure
sales is sold on the rationale for your strategy and be sure information is used as you intended.
  • Balance marketing strategy and sales tactics
  • Drive results with effective communication and active listening
  • Overcome the local nature of sales

What the industry did not foresee was a tectonic shift in the rate of digital adoption. Life sciences companies pivoted to get their product administered and delivered as intended, in a way that can optimize efficacy and outcomes. According to a recent survey from Axiom, 91% of digital marketers said businesses that capitalize on data are more likely to be successful and saw real-time personalization as critical to marketing success.  Adjusting to this rapid rate of uptake will separate marketplace leaders from everyone else.

  • Deliver educational insights to inform patient decision-making and behaviors
  • Connect with patients to provide access to and support with their therapy care
  • Granting patients access to programs via traditional and emerging channels and enable better long-term treatment outcomes

It is important to develop marketing work flows in a way that reduces points of friction. Fundamentally simplifying and organizing in a much more fluid fashion can help you expand internal process improvements and updates within the organization.

  • Create a centralization model to bring in successful marketing execution in house to save millions
  • Strategies for systems approach and process integration
  • Hear directly from companies that are moving in-house first and hear their best practices
This session focuses on tips and tricks to ensure you are using your sales teams to their
fullest abilities.
• Use Employee Advocacy to reach the right audience
• Explore new ways of interacting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
• Improve the Follow-up actions

The future is upon us and as technology continues to advance, marketing AI and automation tools are becoming more and more popular. You must ensure that you  automate repetitive tasks in real-time, using a variety of effective marketing channels.

  • Efficient automation allows marketers to spend more time on higher-level and strategic tasks
  • Time saving methods to research and compiling data
  • Use AI in conjunction with SEO and other digital marketing strategies if you are looking to rank higher on search engines like Google

When many marketers think of performance marketing, they think of generating an immediate ROI but don’t lose site of the full-funnel in the process. A strong demand generation strategy will help your business bring in reliable, high-quality leads and ultimately grow your business.

  • Understand  partner and affiliate marketing strategies  in depth
  • Identify what channel’s efforts should be increased by analyzing the net impact of marketing campaigns
  • Remain in tune with buyer questions, concerns, and attitudes 

According to a recent study by Pew Research, 90% of people aged 18-24 trust medical information or engage with health activities on social media. Unfortunately, the majority of pharmaceutical companies are yet to answer these consumer habits with a strong digital presence.

  • Highlight which platforms are best at maintaining patient engagement
  • Showcase your employees and give them a voice – because people tend to trust other people more than advertisements
  • Monitor and manage their online brand reputation and battle fake news and misinformation