September 29, 2021
Online Livestream
Cloud PharmaSummit
Embracing Digital Transformations to Secure Data, Streamline Clinical Research and Accelerate R&D

Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are turning to high-performance cloud-based systems to collect, analyze, and store critical data quickly and efficiently. Biopharma R&D departments rely on their IT teams to ensure they have their right stack of technology solutions to achieve their goals of developing life-saving treatments at a lower cost.

DGE invites you to its inaugural Cloud Pharma Summit – the most comprehensive industry event that addresses the challenges biopharma companies face when migrating to cloud-based systems and the opportunities to leverage the cloud to streamline clinical research and accelerate drug development.

Top Reasons to Attend
  • First-hand accounts of successful on-premise to cloud migrations
  • All-new tips to cultivate and strengthen your cloud partnerships
  • Innovative techniques to inspire and cultivate next-generation leaders
  • Insights on compliance concerns and mitigating security threats
  • Understand the latest trends in cloud computing and data science management
  • Unrivaled access and networking opportunities with expert speakers and leaders on a proven interactive platform.
Who Should Attend
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Strategist
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Cloud Operations
  • CSV / Computer Systems Validation
  • CIO/Information Officers
  • IT/Information Technology
  • CTO/Technology Officers
  • Data Officers
  • Digital Officers
  • Bioinformatics
  • Research and Development
  • Digital Officers
  • Drug Discovery
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Data Insights
  • AI/Artificial Intelligence
  • ML/Machine Learning
This virtual event will also be of interest to:
  • Cloud Solutions Providers
  • Cloud Consulting Firms
  • CROs with Cloud Platforms
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New Topics
Featured Speakers
Ashwini Ghogare
Business Lead for AI Drug Discovery
Holly Baldwin
Manager, Quality Validation CSV
Priyanka Kharat
Chief Information Officer
Ryan Elkins
Advisor, Enterprise Cloud and Application Security Architect
Eli Lilly
Shahar Keinan
CEO & Co-founder
Shashi Tripathi
Chief Technology Officer
Vinod Das
Associate Director
Event Schedule
Cloud computing enables organizations to have quicker and better access to data. In times of crisis, such as a pandemic, research and development departments can utilize high performance cloud computing to develop new vaccines, drugs, and devices.
  • Determine how we can best and most effectively use the cloud and share data while preserving privacy
  • Address challenges in aggregating patient and real-world data to generate profound insights
The speed and accuracy of collecting, processing, and analyzing big data is paramount for biopharma R&D departments. Recent reports suggest that the pharmaceutical industry allocated $83 billion in R&D in 2019 – nearly 10x what the industry spent per year in the 1980s. With that in mind, many pharma companies are relying on computational drug discovery, a combination of cloud computing and AI, to develop new drugs quickly and at a lower cost.
  • Evaluate how cloud-based solutions and quantum computers can accelerate drug development and product approvals
  • Address compliance and regulatory barriers in using cloud-based solutions
  • Review computational drug discovery use-cases and real-world challenges
Life sciences companies are embracing the cloud to revamp their business operations in a variety of ways, from computation drug discovery to improving the cybersecurity of medical devices. Managers must ensure both a seamless migration and interoperability.
  • Discuss a cloud-first approach to digital transformations
  • Create a plan for choosing and managing cloud service providers
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders
The pharmaceutical industry will see enormous change through digital transformation with technologies like cloud computing, AI and blockchain. A successful transformation is not achieved overnight and there are many lessons that can be learned along the way.
  • Consider the pros and cons of legacy on-premise applications vs cloud
  • Recognize the importance of data standardization and interoperability
  • Investigate key setbacks and lessons learned
As life sciences companies make the decision to migrate from their current on-premises storage solution to a cloud platform, they must consider the impact of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when processing data. With fines of up to 4% of a company’s worldwide turnover or EUR 20 million, maintaining compliance is of extreme importance.
  • Review GDPR and its impact on cloud storage
  • Analyze the cloud providers commitment to GDPR compliance
  • Empower teams within your organization to seek and ensure compliance
Moving to the cloud is overwhelming for many organizations. Before migrating to the cloud, companies must evaluate and determine which approach – single or multi-cloud – will best align with their needs and goals.
  • Differentiate between hybrid and multi-cloud solutions
  • Evaluate data governance, compliance, and security risks for each solution
  • Address the learning curve from executives to engineers
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