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The goal of a branding campaign is to create an emotional connection to your product that transcends any one particular experience. A digital-first approach gives an ability to pivot quickly based on marketing data, customer feedback or changing times.

  • Research and create content that gives the consumer/patient the information they need, they will value your brand and spread the word.
  • Build a consumer branding campaign, to convince your customers the merits and credibility of your brand
  • Hear how to allure and captivate your audience, this is a task of persuasion, not information
If the pandemic has taught us anything about marketing and communications, it's that good writing -- the foundation of engaging content -- is more important than ever. Reliance on digital and social media likely will only grow, even once the pandemic begins to recede, so a focus on improving your writing skills is critical.
  • Uncover the forces driving the need for better writing
  • Discover the four pillars of effective business writing that comprise the FAST
  • Hear tips to ease and speed the writing process and improve the final results
Test and optimize your content to be perceived as credible and trustworthy. Often a content strategy is implemented and short-term engagement success is realized, but not sustained. The root causes for this poor experience are sitting in front of us. We need to step back and take a holistic view of the content landscape
  • Identify key elements of a CSF and where Content Strategy fits with a connect the dots
  • Discuss lessons learned and what to avoid with shiny penny syndrome
  • Assemble a solid case for change and secure investment.

As an in-house marketing specialist, it’s your job to convince and persuade your top decision makers to buy into your marketing plan. But where do you start?

  • Develop a concrete plan and conduct relevant research
  • Focus on how to communicate value
  • Create a plan to present convincing data, provide meaningful analytics to support your case and quantifying your ask. 
  • Cultivate the leadership that will propel the cultural transformation needed to succeed in digital marketing.

Direct-Ship-to-Patient drug sampling is a temporary accommodation by the FDA during the Covid-19 pandemic allowing patients to benefit from drug samples (medication adherence) through suspension of enforcement of 21 CFR part 203.This session describes adapting a platform to meet regulatory and operational requirements to create and transmit Direct-Ship-to-Patient sample request forms.

  • Adhere to HIPAA and PDMA compliance 
  • Center the voice of the prescriber
  • Review the most important regulatory guidelines and expectations
Expectations don’t change just because we’re pharma. What are the best ways you can keep your social media presence flexible and adaptable to changes in your customer needs?
  • Drive success by leveraging platform opportunities
  • Learn how to listen to your audience needs to stay relevant
  • Find new ways to experiment while gaining audience insights
  • Deliver impact, even with a limited budget
Optimize the ability to have meaningful interaction with your target with omnichannel principles and create one, unified experience for your customers. Create a seamless experience from the first touchpoint to the last, regardless of the channel your customer is using.
  • Ensure your organizational structure supports digital transformation success
  • Understand the importance of interpreting data as it relates to a user journey, not just
    to a user
  • Explore the keys to successful omnichannel marketing
All Times are in Eastern Standard Time            
In today's digital environment of growing security & privacy concerns, web visitors can opt out of information sharing and tracking cookies at any time. As a result, the only fail-safe way for marketers to measure how campaigns truly drive business outcomes is to track their digital links.
  • Learn how link tracking puts the marketers in control
  • Remove link tracking adoption barriers and operational complexities
  • Transition from manual link tagging to automated & standardized tracking processes
  • Build a sustainable and scalable link management strategy while reducing costs
While AI might sound like a promise for the future we should not fool ourselves: it is happening now and it will impact all of us. Our companies, our processes, and not unimportantly ourselves. Take a high level look back at the early days of AI explaining why only now AI becomes so pervasive in our lives, not only in consumer applications but also in Life Sciences and yes, digital marketing.
  • Explain why Artificial Intelligence is entering our companies and impacting our roles now while it is actually 50+ years old technology. Why all the hype now?
  • Describe why the arrival of AI in Life Sciences will become so very personal, very soon for our own careers.
  • Remain relevant in your career choices in a future where work is done by humans and machines
Discover how to create a new multi-channel dynamic for understanding your specific
customer engagement and digital transformation. Learn a new system for creating a culture
to drive your brand strategy into digital transformation success.
  • Analyze the dynamic changes in pharma/biotech as a result of COVID-19
  • Hear how the concept of M.O.L.E can allow you to make quick and lasting digital
  • Grasp the new definition of customer engagement for HCPs and patients
A digital marketing center of excellence helps marketing operations understand both the consumer journey and how the company needs to assist that journey. As you deploy and manage customer-facing technologies, digital marketing should be at the forefront, with priority on the factors that most improve the customer experience and can gain you competitive advantage.
  • Hear approachable ways to finance your center of excellence
  • Ensure business growth and generate higher return with more efficiencies
  • Leverage the three most important components: stack, staff, and support

Focus on the journey of scaling the branded web ecosystem and increasing your digital marketing efforts.  Think global, act local strategy will achieve multi-national web ecosystems to scale.

  • Learn clear and compelling enterprise design system & platform
  • Discover how to implement global SEO and analytics strategy and architecture
  • Explore an approach that will align your governance process & localization
  • Develop a center of excellence with distributed teams
Digital agility describes the capability with which an organization can understand and react to digital threats and opportunities. Understand how to swiftly enable and adapt your processes.
  • Seamlessly adjust to change and overcome obstacles
  • Maximize your skills and resources by leveraging the right technology
  • Establish and implement data driven strategies