June 23-24, 2021
Online Livestream
Next-Gen MSLExcellence Symposium
Utilizing Business Acumen, Communication, and Interpersonal Skills to Drive Success
MSLs are vital to the success of drug and device development. They work throughout a product’s lifecycle to help ensure that products are utilized effectively, serve as scientific peers and resources within the medical community, and are scientific experts to internal colleagues. And just like the rest of the life science sector, MSLs have to rapidly adjust to the rollout of new technology platforms and re-envision their workload in post-COVID conditions.

DGE invites you to its inaugural Next-Gen MSL Excellence Symposium – the only industry event to specifically focus on overcoming the daily work challenges for this essential group, while reaching career milestones and adapting to new technologies!

Top Reasons to Attend
  • Performance metrics and KPIs that demonstrate value to an organization
  • Innovative ways to upskill and build a successful career
  • Guides for nourishing communication techniques and soft skills to effectively engage with stakeholders
  • Clarifying the impact of business acumen on successful KOL engagements
  • Best practices and latest tactics for engaging with KOLs in a virtual and hybrid environment
Who Should Attend
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Medical Director/Advisor
  • Field Medical Director
  • Medical Scientific Manager
  • Medical Excellence
  • Clinical Trial Liaison (CTL)
  • Medical Affairs
  • KOL/Thought Leader Engagement
  • Medical Communication/Information
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Clinical/Scientific Affairs
  • Compliance
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New Topics
Featured Speakers
Annie Kuenzel
Regional Director of MSLs
Bob Fell
Medical Science Liaison, US Medical Affairs
C. Rick Jarecke
Senior Director, Field Medical Affairs Science Liaisons
Urovant Sciences
Charlie Cook
Director, Field Medical Gastroenterology
Christiane Carney
Medical Science Liaison
Taiho Oncology
Deirdre De Steno
Former Head of Global Medical Affairs
Desiree Owen
Director, Medical Science Liaisons
Kala Pharmaceuticals
Donna Holder
Senior Director, Global MSL Excellence Oncology
Daiichi Sankyo
Ed Paiewonsky
Senior Managed Care Liaison
Neurocrine Biosciences
Edward Power
Vice President, North America Medical Affairs, Hospital Business
Elizabeth Martinez
Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs
Erin Gleason
Director, Medical Operations, Information, and Training
bluebird bio
Eva Gallagher
Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs
Agios Pharmaceuticals
Gaby Cora
Field Medical Director, North America Medical Affairs
Irma Saliu
National Director, Psychiatry Medical Science Liaisons
Jacqueline Armani
Regional Director, Medical Science Liaison
Jacqueline Dessibourg
Regional Medical Director
Jay Dave
Associate Director, Medical Science Liaison
Johan Baeck
Senior Vice President, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs
Jounce Therapeutics
Keely Dahl
Senior Medical Science Liaison
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals
Kent Christopherson
Senior National Director, US Medical Affairs
Orchard Therapeutics
Nancy Ortiz
Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs & Field Medical
Strongbridge Biopharma
Ruth Du Moulin
Vice President, Medical Affairs
FORMA Therapeutics
Sheila Komara
Senior Medical Science Liaison
Sunayana (Nina) Banerjee
Senior Medical Science Liaison
Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Susan Giacalone
National Director, Field Medical Affairs
Susan Malecha
Senior Director, Medical Affairs
Puma Biotechnology
Zachary Henney
Director, Medical Science Liaison
Event Schedule
With rising drug and device cost, MSLs are challenged with thinking on an enterprise level and understanding the factors that impact how a health care provider, hospital system or patient makes decisions.
  • Define the factors that drive key stakeholder decisions
  • Develop a communication plan to personalize the message
  • Treat your territory like a business and representing your company without selling
  • Build strategic relationships and capital within your organization.
Investing in your career empowers you to create the future you want. Would you invest in your own professional development or are you waiting for your company to provide you with opportunities for growth?
  • Uncover opportunities for learning and growth within your company
  • Form a professional development plan that adds value to your future as well as your company’s future
  • Craft effective approaches to presenting your development plan to leadership.
Work-life balance is something that MSLs have been challenged with throughout their careers. The pandemic brought to light new challenges surrounding one of the fast-growing professional obstacles: Burnout.
  • Define workplace burnout and its impact on MSLs
  • Manage your energy as well as your time
  • Create balance and satisfaction in your life
Although MSLs are experts in their therapeutic area, there are many opportunities for upskilling and adapting to change.
  • Determine how your professional goals align with the needs of the company
  • Identify ways to influence without power
  • Recognize how you fit into the culture of your team and the philosophy of the company
  • Develop relationships and comradery in the virtual space
Despite the anxiety and uncertainty associated with a layoff, there are many opportunities to getting your career back on track.
  • Discuss the emotional impact of a layoff
  • Craft a plan that ensures financial security
  • Uncover opportunities to engage with recruiters and network within the industry
MSLs are vital to a company’s medical affairs strategy and the impact they have can be defined by more than just numbers. Quantitative metrics are easily measured – but how do we gauge the qualitative metrics that demonstrate the impact of an MSLs on the overall success of a company?
  • Identify the activity-driven metrics that will continue to be a performance indicator
  • Discuss the steps that medical affairs leaders are taking to align quantitative metrics with qualitative ones
  • Discuss the challenges in adopting new metrics and impact on the industry as a whole
When you are ready for that next step in your career, what opportunities are available at different stages of your career and what challenges might you run into? Meeting career goals may require cultivating or advertising additional skills.
  • Map out opportunities to transition in a therapeutic area you desire
  • Understand the challenges in switching therapeutic areas
  • Transition into from a field role to an in-house role
  • Embrace the dynamic shift when moving from a large team to a smaller team
MSLs were once defined by the relationships they build with KOLs and their ability to educate using scientific data. But as the landscape of healthcare has seismically shifted, MSLs are increasingly tasked with a board variety of new responsibilities, each needing their own expertise and training.
  • Understand medical affairs organizational structure in the context of internal and external stakeholders
  • Leverage the field medical affairs team to engage providers, payers, and patient advocacy
  • Maximize the impact of the field medical affairs team though in-depth knowledge and understanding
There has been a massive shift in MSL involvement with clinical trials. Until recently, MSLs were only involved in products that were approved or in late-stage trials. Many companies are now engaging MSLs in early clinical development which presents a unique set of challenges but also an opportunity for growth.
  • Understand the need and impact of involving MSLs in early clinical development
  • Create synergies between clinical development and medical affairs teams
  • Define the skills and education MSLs will need to embrace and excel in this new paradigm
Join our panelists as they discuss future of MSL engagements and the merits of each scenario.
  • Review achievability and practical pros and cons of hybrid engagements
  • Evaluate impact of each scenario on an MSLs metrics
  • Anticipate different impacts on product success
MSLs have an opportunity to collaborate with their commercial counterparts to provide HCPs with a unified final experience. What steps are required to balance the messaging and encourage a compliant partnership.
  • Identify the SOPs that have been established for your medical affairs team
  • Break the silos between medical affairs and commercial teams
  • Understand what compliance looks like in a virtual setting
  • Educate HCPs on the differences between MSLs and sales teams
Launching a new product or breaking into a new indication has its challenges – moreso during a pandemic. What can we learn from those who are have done it and ready ourselves for the future?
  • Educate yourself on the new product and identifying those new KOLs
  • Set strategies for standing out and presenting data that is compelling
  • Overcome the hurdles amplified during the pandemic
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