February 7-8, 2022
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Investigator-Initiated TrialsSummit
Collaborating to Manage Costs and Secure Operational Support in Compliant Investigator-Sponsored Research

Investigator-Initiated Trials are vital for taking new treatments and therapies from bench to bedside. Leveraging external researchers can bring many creative and cost-effective advantages – but it also raises new challenges. DGE invites you to attend its Investigator-Initiated Trials Summit–no other conference goes into as much depth about engaging with investigators, designing and executing the best study protocols, and streamlining product innovation and patient safety.

Join your industry colleagues for this unique learning opportunity and gather the tools and insights you need to ensure a successful, compliant IIT.

Top Reasons to Attend
  • Review of the complex regulatory requirements of sponsor-investigator research
  • Clarity on the value of developing IITs in collaboration with key stakeholders
  • Insights on how to terminate a study and preserve the relationship with the Investigator
  • Outlines of the differences between an industry-sponsored study and Collaborative Research
  • Key tactics for MSLs to collaborate and effectively manage an IIT
  • Best practices to include D&I in sponsored studies
  • A roadmap for developing budgets, contracts and assessing FMV
Who Should Attend
This conference is designed for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device professionals responsible for:
  • Investigator-Initiated Sponsored Trials (IITs)
  • Investigator-Initiated Sponsored Research (IISR/IIS)
  • Medical Affairs
  • Field Medical Affairs
  • Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)
  • Field Medical Science Liaisons
  • Grants Management
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Trial Monitoring
  • Research Collaborations
  • Publication Planning
  • Phase IV
  • Legal & Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical and Research Investigators
  • Site Management
  • Post-Market Studies
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Regulatory compliance consultants
  • Site selection and management
  • Medical Writing Firms
  • Law Firms

IIT/IISR service providers:

  • Investigator-Initiated Sponsored Trials (IITs)
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